Written whispers is a game about a letter from a soldier that never reached its destination, and it's only purpose is to get it's own lost pages to be able to feel complete and sent itself.

In order to do that, you, as the letter, have to explore the world you find youself in. In it you will find ways to transform into a plane and a boat, getting with it completely new ways of moving around.

How to play:

  • "1" or touch the ground to transform into humanoid
  • WASD to move in the XZ axis
  • Space to jump (you can double jump)
  • Camera moves with the mouse
  • "2" while  on air to transform into plane (when unlocked)
  • W and S to face up and down respectively (pitch)
  • A and D to move sideways (roll)
  • "3" or touch the water to transform into boat (when unlocked)
  • A and D to move sideways
  • Space to jump (instantly turns you into humanoid too)

How it was made:

This is a university project done in 5 weeks by 4 people. All the code, the design, the music, the sound effects and the character model is ours. We used paid Unity asset bundles and a couple of (no licensing required) free models from SketchFab.


Download 190 MB
Download 193 MB

Development log


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Lovely visual design, especially the outdoors, and i like some of the gameplay, but sadly the polish is quite weak,  i think it shall have least small textures, higher ambient lighting, as some areas are too dark to see in. Sometimes the player doesn't roatate along with the rotating shapes.